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New! Free Calls to Europe
Now with our Unlimited plans, calling to Europe with BBVoice isn't international, it's local. By waiving international fees to Italy, France, Spain, UK and Ireland, BBVoice treats calls to these countries just like traditional local calls throughout Canada. So calls to Paris cost the same as calls to your neighbor down the street - nothing!

Calling is Easy

Dialing to Europe is easy. There are no special access numbers to dial. So call Europe all you want. With BBVoice it's all included, FREE!


Free calls to Europe offer does not apply to calls to cell phone numbers or to special services numbers such as toll-free or caller-paid information services or 900 numbers, and is limited to Italy, France, Spain, UK and Ireland. Valid for Unlimited plans only.

Find out if the number you are calling is included FREE in the Europe Calling Plan.

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BRAZIL   5.7¢/min 
INDIA   10.8¢/min 
JAPAN   7.0¢/min 
PAKISTAN   18.6¢/min 
PHILIPPINES   16.8¢/min 
POLAND   5.3¢/min