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New! Free Calls to Puerto Rico
Now calling Puerto Rico with BBVoice isn't international, it's local. We've added almost 4 million more people to your local calling plan at no additional charge. By waiving international fees to Puerto Rico, BBVoice treats calls to Puerto Rico just like traditional calls throughout Canada.

It's All the Same

This applies to every BBVoice customer, regardless which plan you have. If you're not on an unlimited plan and exceed your allotted minutes in a given month, then any call you make to Puerto Rico will be charged the same low per minute overage charge as US calls. We treat those calls just like domestic US calls, which saves you money.

No Extra Cost

Dialing Puerto Rico is easy. There are no special access numbers to dial, and best of all, no added fees. So call Puerto Rico all you want from San Juan to Ponce. With BBVoice it's all part of the plan.

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BRAZIL   5.7¢/min 
INDIA   10.8¢/min 
JAPAN   7.0¢/min 
PAKISTAN   18.6¢/min 
PHILIPPINES   16.8¢/min 
POLAND   5.3¢/min